Aspiria is a boutique development company with a vision of helping people, organizations and societies innovate and transform.

“Boutique development” means that we work in partnership with our clients on their sophisticated development demands, providing individualized upscale services. We work with a small number of carefully selected seasoned veterans of business. It is not our business model to employ ‘consultants’, sell you off-the-shelf training or conveyor belt coaching. If we work together, we know each other’s names and values and share a common goal: to act concretely, to the best of both of our abilities, on solving problems.

Established in 2002, we have consistently developed our portfolio of services in partnership with our clients and field-experts. Today, we are proud to be able to bring to the table a strong collective of highly skillful, experienced and motivated professionals, focused on the good of an integrated ecosystem: company + employees + partners + customers + community.

Our Grow services consist of training, coaching and consulting tailored according to various short-term development needs of individuals and organizations.

ISOD services are oriented toward longer-term development of individuals and organizations. The core of ISOD is a school of organization development and mentoring, with supporting programs specializing in developing sales organizations and developing mindfulness in business. ISOD is not only a school, but also a framework for delivering complex projects of organizational transformations – M&A projects, turnarounds, organizational re-engineering, culture change, etc.

Immersion is a portfolio of services focused on organizing unique, out-of-the-box presencing retreats that serve as innovation labs, action research platforms, idea incubators and ways to explore emerging future. They are run by renaissance-type leaders, most often a combination of long-term serious mindfulness practitioner / artist / scientist / manager / social-innovator etc. Immersion retreats rely on the use of art and are conducted in particularly inspiring settings where nature and culture combine to create an environment conductive to profound insights.

We strive to uphold the following virtues in our work:

  • Generosity, giving of oneself
  • Ethical conduct, acting with greatest good in mind
  • Patience, being respectful and accepting
  • Diligence, putting in energy and effort
  • Mindfulness, focusing on the present moment
  • Wisdom, maintaining clear awareness

Finally, we have mentors of our own, obligatory after-action reviews, supervision and continuous education. We practice what we teach, and we teach what we practice.

Company info:

  • ASPIRIA d.o.o.
    Augusta Šenoe 8a
    10431 Brezje, Sveta Nedelja, Croatia
    VAT Number (OIB): 85298220800
    Company ID Number: (MB) 1640623, (MBS) 040170268
    Bank: Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.
    Bank Account Number: 2484008-1101293047
    IBAN: HR8124840081101293047
    Swift Code: RZBHHR2X
    Contact: daniela.miljan [at] aspiria.org
    Telephone: (+385) 91 234 1100

Legally required notice:

  • ASPIRIA d.o.o. za poslovno savjetovanje i upravljanje, turistička agencija
    Sveta Nedelja, Brezje, Augusta Šenoe 8a – Trgovački sud u Zagrebu
    Temeljni kapital od 20.000,00 kn uplaćen je u cijelosti.